Which is default Web Browser on my computer


Gone are the days when Internet Explorer was the only web browser program used by Windows users to browse websites on the internet. Now there are better web browser options like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox that can be installed on Windows PC and used along with existing Internet Explorer. So, have you installed multiple web browsers on computer and now finding it difficult to know which is the default web browser on the PC?

Find the default Web Browser on computer

For starters, it is important to know – what is default web browser. You can have multiple browsers installed on the computer but there can be only one default browser. If you open any web link from Word document or any other program – it will open in the browser set as default on your computer.

1. To find default browser, there is a very simple trick. Goto Start > Run or press Win + R keys together to open Run box on Windows computer.

the run box on windows computer

2. In the Run box, type any website url like http://www.google.com and click OK button. This will launch default browser on the computer and open the specified website. Whichever browser opens, it the current default browser on the computer. Easy, isn’t it?

Video: Find which is the default Web Browser

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