How to restore Google Chrome to original settings


Google Chrome has lot of custom features. Any user can add specific functionality in Google Chrome browser by installing various extensions and plugins. Over a period of time with so many changes done to Chrome browser on PC – you may want to start fresh. Fortunately, you can restore Chrome browser in state it was when installed new on the computer using Reset feature.

Reset feature to restore Chrome to original settings

1. Open Google Chrome browser and goto Settings page (chrome://settings/). You can click on button at top right and then click Settings option. This will open Google Chrome’s Settings page.

reset feature in google chrome browser

2. Scroll to bottom of Settings page and click Show Advanced Settings option. Then click Reset Browser Settings button at the bottom.

Reset button in Google Chrome

3. In the pop-up box click Reset button again to complete the reset and restore procedure for Google Chrome browser. Pop-up clearly states which all things will be disabled, deleted or modified by the reset feature in Chrome browser.

Changes done by Reset Google Chrome feature

1. It will reset homepage website url, new tab page and default search engine selected in Google Chrome browser.

2. It will disable (not delete) all extensions installed in your Chrome browser. It will also unpin all tabs that were previously pinned by you.

3. It will delete and clear all temporary and cached data including: cookies, content and site data. No personal files or date will be deleted.

Video: Restore Google Chrome Settings

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