Can I use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer together


Every Windows PC comes pre-loaded with Internet Explorer as default web browser. If you have not installed any third party web browser, all websites and internet surfing will happen in Internet Explorer browser. Users may want to use additional browser like Google Chrome. So questions arises, Can I install and use both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browser at the same time?

Multiple browsers: Chrome & Internet Explorer together

Resounding answer to this question is Yes, we can use multiple web browsers on same computer. There is no need to remove one browser in order to use other browser program. You can even use two or more browsers at the same time simultaneously.

google chrome and internet explorer browser logo usage

1. One default browser – While you can install multiple browsers, there can be only one default browser on the computer. If you click website address in Word document or in some other program, it will open in default browser (could be Google Chrome or Internet Explorer – depending on default browser settings on computer).

2. How many browsers can be installed on same computer – Well, its depends on the user – technically there is not limit for this. Besides Internet Explorer, you can install and try: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari web browsers.

3. Independent use of multiple browsers is possible. Each web browser acts as one unit, so you can surf same or different websites in either of browsers at the same time. Also, there is no need to close one browser in order to use another. Use them simultaneously without any problem.

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