How to Google Search using Voice input


Don’t like typing text for searching internet on Google Search website? With voice recognition feature enabled on Google Search, you can search anything quickly by speaking instead of typing. “Google Search by Voice” allow users to search by voice input. You can speak any words and Google will show search results for those spoken words (provided it recognized your voice correctly).

Procedure to search by speaking on Google website

1. First you need to open website in Google Chrome browser. We can only do this in Google Chrome browser, if you do not have it – download Chrome browser from website.

search by voice input on website

2. Click on small microphone icon displayed at right side of Google Search text box. Then speak that you want to search. Google website will automatically display search results for the spoken text.

Reasons for ‘Search by Voice’ feature not working

1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome browser to use this feature. Other web browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer does not support this feature yet.

2. Confirm that you Microphone is plugged into computer and is working fine. If microphone is not working, Google website won’t able to hear your voice input.

3. Check if Microphone is enabled in Google Chrome settings. Open Google Chrome Settings page [chrome://settings/] by clicking button at top right and then Settings option. Scroll to bottom of settings page and click ‘Show Advanced Settings‘. Then click on ‘Content Settings‘ button under ‘Privacy‘ section. Check ‘Microphone‘ settings under ‘Media‘ section.

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