Disable auto suggestion for people not in Outlook.com contact list


While composing a new email message at Outlook.com the auto suggestion feature comes to play. It automatically provide suggestions for people you have communicated with before (even one email message!) irrespective of being in your contact list or not. This can be annoying as majority users prefer suggestion for only people listed in their Contact List.

Enable auto suggestion for only people in contact list

Fortunately, Outlook.com provide option to customize “auto complete” suggestion feature. You can easily disable auto complete feature from suggesting people not in your Outlook.com contact list.

1. Open Outlook.com Settings page, click on the gear icon at top right and then click More Mail Settings. Now goto Advanced Privacy Settings under “Customizing Outlook” section.

advanced privacy settings in outlook.com

2. By default “Give suggestions for anyone I’ve communicated with (contacts and non-contacts)” is selected under “Auto Complete suggestions” section. Here click to selectOnly suggest people in my contact list” option.

customize contacts auto suggestion settings in outlook.com

3. Click Save button to confirm changes. From now on, Outlook.com will only suggest people listed in your Contact List. This is a better configuration as you would not suggestion for people useful with whom you had on off email contact (Good specially for regular and heavy email users at Outlook.com).

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