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Automatic email forwarding is a must for users maintaining multiple email addresses across different service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo. If you use Gmail or Yahoo as primary email ID and check it daily – then it is advisable to set auto forwarding of email messages from to either of Gmail or Yahoo ID. Once setup, all incoming emails on email ID will be automatically forwarded to specified (Yahoo or Gmail) email ID.

Setup automatic email forwarding in account

1. Once your login email account, click on Gear icon at top right and then click More Mail Settings option. Now you should see page displaying all the options and settings.

outlook email account settings

2. Click Email Forwarding option at top left under “Managing your account” section. Click to select “Forward your mail to another email account” option and then enter email ID where you want to forward incoming email messages.

outlook account email forwarding settings

3. It is advisable to check “Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Outlook inbox” option. With this original email messages copy will also remain in inbox for any future reference. Click SaveĀ button to complete setup.

outlook account email forwarding setup and options

Things to note: Using Email Forwarding in

1. You can auto forward emails to only one other email ID. There is no option to forward emails to multiple email IDs. Work around for this can be: forward emails from Outlook ID to Gmail ID and then set auto forwarding from Gmail ID to another ID (say Yahoo ID).

2. Once you setup email forwarding, don’t forget to login into your account once in a while. You must login atleastĀ once in 365 days or one year to keep account active. Inactivity may result in deletion of your Hotmail email account.

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