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Gmail provide lot of free storage space for emails and attachment files. For new Gmail user, free storage capacity starts at 5GB which continously increase as your account become old. Older Gmail users may have access to 10GB of free storage capacity per account. Since there is no unlimited free storage in Gmail, it is important to keep eye on used storage capacity of your Gmail account.

Find used storage capacity of Gmail account

Besides the method of checking storage capacity from Gmail Settings, you can also quickly see used space figures by looking at bottom left part of Gmail inbox. It should read something like: 4% full Using 0.465 GB of your 10.1 GB

1. To check current used storage capacity of Gmail account from Gmail settings: login into Gmail account at website. After login, click on Gear icon (settings) at upper right of Gmail inbox. Then click on Settings option.

summary details of used gmail storage capacity

2. On Gmail Settings page, click on Accounts tab at the top. Scroll to bottom of “Accounts” page and look for Add additional storage section. Here you should see current usage status of Gmail inbox storage capacity like: You are currently using 463 MB (4%) of your 10,382 MB

check gmail storage on accounts tab on gmail settings page

3. It also provide option to increase storage space by upgrading to pro plans. By paying specific amount, you can upgrade storage capacity to 25GB, 100GB and even more as per requirement. Ideally, 5GB and 10GB free storage capacity is enough for majority of Gmail users. However, if you need more space in Gmail account – there is always an option to upgrade.

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