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Gmail automatically saves chat history for reference anytime in future. Do you want similar functionality for IM messaging chat done in email inbox? By default, saving of instant messenger history is disabled in account. However, you can enable save IM history option to automatically store chat history details within inbox.

Enable save IM chat history in inbox

1. Open and login into your account. Click on Gear icon at top right and then click on More Mail Settings option. This will open Options page for your email account.

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2. Click on Messaging History option under “Managing your account” section at upper left. Click to select Save Instant Messages option and then click Save button. Once this option is activated, all your IM chat history will be saved in a folder (from here on).

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You can browse the IM messaging history anytime for reference within inbox. Besides browsing, you can also selectively delete chat history details as per requirement.

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Saving IM history is a handy option as you can always refer back to history for any specific information shared during old chat session with specific friend.

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