See real password during login in Google Chrome


While logging into online web accounts like Facebook, Gmail we see star asterisk while typing password in the password text box. Do you want to see real password characters during login process? Since when real password characters are visible, chances of typing wrong character (or password) as a whole are minimum.

Google Chrome: Show Passwords while login

By default, there is no feature to show real password characters during login into online accounts in Google Chrome browser. However, using special Chrome extensions one can convert star asterisk in the password field into real characters being typed in the real time.

see real password characters during login in google chrome browser

1. Show Password on Focus When you click on the password filed and start typing, the real password characters will appear. However, when you move mouse away – usual star asterisk is displayed in the password field. To view password characters again, move focus to the password text box. It also has fixed password manager.

2. Show Password It is another similar extension as above that show real password characters when focused on the password text box. Unlike above extension, this does not have integrated password manager for more control.

Video: Show real Password characters in Chrome browser

Word of caution while using these extensions

While this makes typing password more convenient as real password characters are visible – it is also a serious privacy concern. It is perfectly fine to use such extension on single user home computer. Use discretion and caution while using this on work computer or PC used by multiple users.

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