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Do you want to import ICS Calendar file to email account? ICS file format import is supported by email service from Microsoft. For starters, ICS is a static calendar that does not update automatically like: holidays, birthdays, important global events and so on. You can import ICS file and add respective events to calendar section of website.

Import ICS calendar file of events in

You can download ICS calendar file from website that support this file format like Apple iCal, Google Calendar and so on. This standard format works with all websites and services that has support for ICS file format.

1. Open website and login into your account. Click on down arrow button next to the Outlook logo at top left. In the pop menu, click on Calendar option to access calendar section of service.

calendart option in email

2. In the Calendar section click on Import option on left sidebar. Select either of option: Import into a new calendar or Import into an existing calendar. Then click Choose File button and then select ICS file that you want to import. Also select custom name, color and charm icon for specific calendar being imported via ICS file.

import upload ics calender file with events

3. Select either of options: Use the reminders that are already in your ICS file or Use default reminders for all your imported events. Then Click Import button to start the ICS calendar upload process. Within few seconds, your ICS calendar will be be uploaded. All respective events of the calendar will be visible for future use.

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