Keyboard shortcut to open Windows Task Manager


Window users familiar with “Task Manager” often open it to check on current processes and other details. Usually, one would right click on the taskbar at the bottom and then click on “Start Task Manager” option. This opens “Windows Task Manager”, yeah fine – do you want to open task manager window more quickly using keyboard shortcut key?

Open Windows Task Manager with keyboard shortcut

Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys is the magic combination to open Windows Task Manager. Press these 3 keys at the same time to open Task Manager on your Windows computer.

shortcut key for opening windows task manager

This is default (in-built) keyboard shortcut function for opening Task Manager on Windows PC. Just remember this keyboard shortcut and then there will be┬áno need to right click on taskbar at bottom for launching the Task Manager. This is quicker, isn’t it?

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