Create new Google account using non-Gmail ID


When you select username while creating a new Google account, a Gmail email account with same username is automatically created during sign-up process. If you do not intend to use Gmail email account and is only creating new Google account to access other Google services, then creating Google account without Gmail account sign-up is a better option. With this, you can use your existing email account while creating new Google account.

Sign up new Google account without Gmail account

1. Open website and click Sign in button at top right. Then click Sign Up button at top right for new Google Account sign up form.

new google and gmail account

2. Username that you enter in “Choose your username” box will be your new Gmail email account associated with your new Google account. To use your existing non-Gmail email ID, clickI prefer to use my current email address” option.

create google account without gmail email signup

3. Then you can enter your current (non-Gmail) email address in the Username box. Fill other fields in the sign up form and your new Google account without Gmail sign-up is done.

Google account without Gmail: Is it good

Personally, I would recommend sign-up of Google account along with new Gmail account. While now you may only need Google account for accessing Google services, an associated Gmail account can be handy anytime in future. Also you can forward emails from this new Gmail account to your existing non-Gmail account for easy and hassleĀ  free management. However, Google does provide option for with or without Gmail ID sign-up, take your pick.

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