Clear commands history of Run box on Windows


Do you often use Run box to quickly access programs, folders and files? Users who prefer keyword, love to type commands in the Run box to launch programs as against clicking program’s name in the start menu using mouse. Every-time you enter any command in the Run box, it is stored as history. You can click on the drop down button on the Run box to see history listing of previously used commands.

Delete Run box history on Windows 8, 7 computer

1. On Windows 8 and 7, right click on empty space on Windows Taskbar. Then click on Properties button to open “Taskboar and Start Menu Properties” window.

remove clear commands history of run box

2. On Windows 7 PC, Click the Start Menu tab and then uncheck (no tick) both options under Privacy section. These options are: store and display recently opened programs in the start menu, store and display recently opened items in the start menu and the taskbar. On Windows 8 PC, click Jump List tab and then uncheck store recently opened programs under Privacy section.

no history windows run box

3. After unchecking above options, click Apply button. This will automatically delete previously stored history of the Run box on your Windows 8 and 7 PC. If you keep these options unchecked, no command history for Run box will be stored in future. You can check these option to start re-recording of Run box history for future commands used in Run box.

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