Type Cent symbol in Microsoft Word document


Typing cent symbol in documents using Microsoft Word program is very easy.  Adding Cent symbol in Word documents may be required while referring to money in document contents. Microsoft Word allows you to insert Cent symbol either through keyboard shortcut or using “Insert Symbol” feature.

Keyboard Shortcut to type Cent symbol in Word

1. Open new or existing document in Microsoft Word Program. Make sure NumLock Key in ON (and enabled). It is located at top right part of the keyboard. NumLock LED light will glow when it is set to ON.

shortcut keys to add cent symbol

2. Then press and hold ALT key and press 0162 (only using numbers on the keypad at the right side of the keyword). Cent symbol should appear in the document. Use this shortcut to insert as many cent symbols in document files.

Insert Symbol feature in Microsoft Word

1. In Microsoft Word (2010 and above), click on Insert tab at top left. Then click on Symbol option at extreme right part of the toolbar. This will open Symbol window.

insert cent symbol in microsoft word

2. Select ‘Currency Symbols’ option from drop down box at top right part. Then look for Cent symbol in the listing. Click on Cent symbol and then click Insert button to add it to your Word document.

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