How to create Google website shortcut on desktop


Do you want to make Google Search website shortcut icon on Windows desktop for quick access? This looks very simple but sometimes even simplest of things can look confusing to implement. Creating desktop shortcut icon for website is very easy and straight forward process.

Use create Shortcut feature in Windows

1. Right click on empty space on the desktop and then goto New > Shortcut option. This will open window with title “What item would you like to create a shortcut for?“. Then type in the text box that reads “Type the location of the item“. Then click on the next button to proceed.


2. Now we can assign unique name to our shortcut, you can type Google Shortcut in the box and click Finish to complete. This will create new shortcut icon on the desktop for Google Search website.

Quick drag & drop in Chrome, Firefox

1. Modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox support creation of website shortcuts with quick drag and drop method. Launch Chrome browser and then open website in it.


2. Then drag (the letter head) button on the left side of the address bar to the desktop screen. You can reduce Chrome browser window (by clicking center next to minimize button at top right) for easy drag and drop of icon. Your new Google Search website shortcut is created on the desktop screen. Similarly, you can use same drag and drop technique in Mozilla Firefox browser to create quick Google website shortcut.

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