How to hide File or folder in Windows XP / Vista?


Sometimes we don’t want other users on your computer to view / access a specific file or folder. In such situation, you can easily hide any file or folder in Windows XP or Vista and prevent anyone from accessing its contents.

Steps to hide folders

1. Right click on any file / folder and click on properties.
2. Under General tab, check hidden option and click apply.

Now, folder will disappear from the list of folders. Since other users cannot see that folder, possibility of accessing contents does not arise. To view hidden folder you need to turn ON view hidden folders option.

Utilities to hide & lock folders

Many computer users know about the hidden folder feature and they can easily unhide and view contents of the folder. There are number of free utilities that can lock and password protect any folder. This includes: Folder LockBoxFree HideFolder

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  1. Hey thanks for giving all the options. Nice summary of all info :). I personally use free hide folder which has password protection and a backup option for hidden folders as well.

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