How to find images with transparent background


Are you looking for images with transparent background for your project or presentation? Photos with transparent background are very useful as they integrate seamlessly on any background. Instead of removing background from photos or creating fresh images with no background: you can easily search for images with no background for quick use (make sure you read copyright restrictions of each image before the use).

Google Search photos with transparent background

1. Google Images Search now has transparent filter to show images with transparent background. To use this, open Google Images Search website at url.


2. Type your search keyword (for example: cat) and press the Enter key. You will see image search results for that keyword. Now click on Search Tools option at top toolbar. An expanded bar will appear with options like: any size, any color, any type, all results, clear.

3. Click on Any Color option and then click on Transparent option. This will narrow your image search results to photos with transparent background. This is a useful search filter on Google Images Search to quick find photos with transparent background. You can use this to find photos related to any topic, personality or keyword.

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