How to watch movie stored on USB pen drive


USB pen drive storage devices are now available in large sizes like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and more. As a result, besides storing small files we also use them for storing and transferring full movie files. Do you want to playback movie stored on a USB pen drive on your Windows computer?

Play movie from USB drive on PC without copying

1. There is no need to copy movie file from USB drive to computer hard drive for playback. You can watch movie on PC by directly playing the movie file stored on USB pen drive media. To get started,  plug USB pen drive to any USB port on your computer.

2. Wait for few seconds for Windows PC to detect and load contents of your USB drive. Open Windows Explorer (Win + E keys) or double click ‘Computer’ icon to open My Computer window.


3. Then double click on the pen drive icon (Removable Disk) to see contents of the drive. Browse to the movie file and double click it to automatically play the movie on the computer. Movie should start playing in default movie software on your Windows PC.

4. If movie does not play, open Windows Media Player (click Start button and type Windows Media Player). Then press Ctrl + O keys to open box for file opening. Browse to select movie files stored on the pen drive for playback. Still, if it does not work – you can download and use VLC player software from website.

You can also try to copy movie files from pen drive to your computer hard drive and then attempt to playback. However, if movie file does not play from pen drive Рit is unlikely to play when stored on hard drive. Still you can try this step as last resort.

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