How to change Country & Language settings in Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail support lot of country specific Yahoo content and languages. Selecting relevant country allow customized Yahoo experience for localized content and mail service. Is your Yahoo Mail account showing wrong country location and language customization? You can easily change country location and associated language for Yahoo Mail account. This is also useful when you have moved from one country location to a different region.

Country, Language, Time Zone settings of Yahoo Mail

1. Open website and login into your Yahoo account. After login, hover mouse over profile name and avatar image at top right. Then click on Account Info option.

Yahoo Mail account information option

2. You will be redirected to login screen for security reasons. Enter your Yahoo Mail account password and click Sign In button for opening Account Information page.

Yahoo Mail country, time zone settings

3. On Yahoo account settings page, scroll down to Account Settings section. Then click on Set language, site and time zone option. On next page, you should see available Language and Country options.

Yahoo Mail country location selection

4. Select specific Language and Country along with time zone settings. Then click Save button to confirm changes. Now your Yahoo Mail will reflect newly selected time zone, country and language preferences. Once you change country location, you should start seeing content specific to selected country.

For example: advertisements, local country news flash, redirection to country specific Yahoo website after Yahoo Mail logout (If you have set New Zealand as country location, you will be redirected to after Yahoo Mail logout instead of default website).

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