How to reset Microsoft Surface to factory default settings


Are things messed up while you were playing around installing new apps and changing setings on Microsoft Surface tablet? There is always an option to reset Microsoft Surface device to factory default settings. It will restore your Suface device to new condition (as it was when you bought it). Reset process will delete everything and reinstall Windows operating system automatically.

Reset Surface: Reinstall Windows software & Apps

Resetting Surface will delete all existing personal files, data, settings and apps on the device. It will reinstall Windows operating system automatically and also install apps that originally came on your Surface device.

1. On Surface, swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap Settings option. Then tap on Change PC Settings option. If you are using mouse instead of touch gesture, point mouse to top right part of the screen and move down, then you can goto Settings > Change PC Settings option.


2. Tap on General option and then tap on Get Started option in “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” section. Then follow on-screen steps to complete reset procedure on Surface device.

3. During reset, you will get option to select either erase data quickly or thoroughly. Erase data quickly will delete everything much more faster but deleted data can be recovered using advanced recovery techniques. While thorough data deletion method will take time to complete and makes recovery of deleted data very difficult. If there is no sensitive data on Surface device, select erase data quickly option and proceed.

Once the reset is complete, you can goto Windows Store to reinstall Apps. Tap on Start and then tap on Store option. Right click mouse or swipe down from top of the screen and then tap on Your Apps option. Select apps you want to install on the Surface device now.

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