How to stop beep sound on Facebook notifications


Are you listening small beep sounds while using Facebook website? That mystery sound is coming from Facebook during notifications. Facebook is rolling out new feature that makes beeping sound during new notification alerts. For a super active Facebook user, it can result in lot of beeping and you may want to stop that sound while using Facebook website.

Disable & turn Off beep sound on Facebook

While one off beep is fine, since there is a beep for every new notification Рover a period of time sound beeps feature can be sort of irritating than being useful. Fortunately, Facebook allow users to disable sound during notifications from account settings.

1. Once your logged into Facebook account, click on Gear icon at top right and click on Account Settings option. You can also open “General Account Settings” page by directly opening webpage URL.


2. On the Account Settings page, click on Notifications option on the left side column. Then click on View option next to first option “On Facebook” in the first section “How You Get Notifications“.


3. Then click to uncheckPlay a sound when each new notification is received” option. Click Save Changes button to confirm settings change, this will stop beeps during new notification alerts. This feature is still being rolled out, hence you may be among lucky ones yet to be bombarded with beep sound with every notification.

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  1. Hey thanks. You solved my problem. Earlier i was really fed up with that beep thing.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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