How to play MineSweeper free game online


MineSweeper has been very popular game among Windows users as it came preloaded on Windows PC. Game involves a squares grid board where you need to reveal number avoiding hidden mines. You can right click or hold the square with touch to flag off a square with a mine. It a simple and engrossing game for quality leisure time. You can play it anytime online for free within your web browser.

Play modern HTML5 based MineSweeper game online

1. Open MineSweeper game page at Microsoft website. It should work in latest version of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


2. There are different grid size formats for game among: small, medium, large and huge. This HTML5 based game has glossy animated background and will look awesome on your touch screen display and other tablet devices like Microsoft Surface.

Play old java based MineSweeper game online

1. If you like the old fashion looking MineSweeper game, then checkout java based version at website. Nothing fancy, just plain old game.

2. Also, if you are using older version of Windows operating system: you can search and play MineSweeper game offline on your Windows PC. Options galore playing addictive MineSweeper game.

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