How to upload files in a Facebook Group


Facebook Group feature allows you to discuss and share about anything among specific Facebook friends. You can create or be a part of any public group on Facebook (or private group with an invitation). Besides sharing webpage articles, photos, videos: you can also share files among members of specific Facebook group. Uploading and sharing files within a group on Facebook is a very simple and straight forward procedure.

Uploading file in a Group on Facebook website

1. Login into Facebook and then open your Facebook group’s page. At the top of group page, click on “Add File” option. You should see file uploading box at the top.

2. To upload file that is stored on your computer, click ‘Choose File’ button. Then select file that you want to upload and click OK to start file uploading. You can upload file of 25MB maximum size.


3. Besides uploading files from your computer, you can also upload and share files stored in your DropBox account. Just click ‘Choose File’ button under “From your Dropbox” section to get started.

4. Once file upload is complete, click Post button to share uploaded file with group members. While uploading file, make sure you are not uploading anything illegal or stuff that is against Facebook policies (as you might get banned including whole group – so be careful).

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