How to capture screenshot on Microsoft Surface tablet


Generally we can use Print Screen button on Windows based computer to capture screenshot of contents on the screen. Microsoft Surface tablet with next generation Windows operating system has different routine for capturing screenshots. Once you know the buttons combination you can capture screenshot of anything on the screen like game, web browser and other contents.

Shortcuts keys to take screenshot on Microsoft Surface

1. Press and hold the Windows button on the Surface device (it is located at middle bottom of the screen, not the button on the touchpad).


2. Then press lower Volume button located on the side panel of the screen. This will make screen flicker, indicating screenshot has been captured.

3. Captured screenshot is automatically saved on the computer. Just open “Screenshots” folder within “Pictures” folder to view captured (and saved) screenshots).

Using Snipping tool to capture screenshots on Surface

1. On the Charms bar, click on the Search tool (the one with magnifying glass). Type snipping tool in the search tool to find this program.


2. Open the Snipping tool and then click on new button. Drag and select portion of area for screen capture. After capture, you can save the screenshot in any folder location of your choice.

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