How to change folder icon & picture with your image?


Are you bored of yellow looking folder icons? Well, following steps can help you change folder icon. There is more, you can also change picture on folder containing lot of content by chaning folder picture.

Change Folder Picture

1. Single – left click to highlight any folder of your choice. Then right click and click on properties option. Folder properties window will open.

2. Click on Customize tab at the top of Folder properties window. Click on Choose picture button (as seen in image), then select any image stored on your computer.

3. After you select the image and it is looking good – click on Apply button to see it in action. You can click restore default button to revert to original folder picture.

Change Folder Icon

1. Perform above step1, then perform step2 and click on Change Icon option. A new window will open with number of icons.

2. Click and select any icon of your choice, then click on Apply button to see new icon in action. You can use restore default button to revert to original icon.

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