How to stop Screen rotation on Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface tablet screen will rotate to a different orientation when you rotate the tablet. You can view contents on the Surface tablet in either: Landscape or Portrait mode. For example, landscape orientation is perfect fit for viewing webpages and portrait orientation looks the best while reading a book. However, few users may want to stop screen rotation and use same screen orientation all the time.

Lock orientation to stop Surface screen rotation

1. First decide on which screen orientation mode you want all the time. As seen in image below, you can either have landscape mode (horizontal) or portrait mode (vertical). Rotate the screen in orientation that you want.


2. Then open Settings Charm and tap on Screen option. Now tap on Screen Rotation icon (it is rectangle shape with curved arrow) for making required changes. This will lock screen orientation and your Surface screen will not rotate when you physically rotate the tablet device.


A lock icon will appear on the screen icon when screen rotation is locked. Screen rotation lock is useful when your Surface tablet is used by kids and naughty folks. Also, it helps concentrate more when your are doing something very engrossing and prevents screen rotation on unintentional physical movement of Surface tablet. You can unlock orientation and enable screen rotation anytime by reverting back above changes.

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