How to see all pages you Like on Facebook


Facebook keeps changing website design which adds to confusion. Even doing simple task of viewing list of Facebook pages you have liked can become whole new discovery routine. Facebook introduced “see all pages you like” option few months back and it has now vanished. There are still few ways to quickly see list of Facebook Pages you like on Facebook website.

See full list of Pages your Like on Facebook

1. While logged into Facebook, hover mouse over Pages section on left side and then click More button. This will open default Pages webpage ( showing all pages you own.

2. Click “Create a page” button at top right to open default webpage ( for creating a new page. Here click on “Pages I Like” button at top right. It will show complete list of Facebook Pages you have Liked till now.

Tip: To quickly do above, just open URL and click “Pages I Like” button!

See Liked Facebook pages in chronological year-wise

1. Click on your profile name to open your Facebook Profile page in timeline format. Now click on small down arrow at top right part and then click on “Likes” box. Alternatively, you can directly open this page using (replace username with your Facebook profile slug name).

2. While on Likes page, scroll down to the bottom. You should see listing of pages you have liked organized in year format. Click on specific year to view listing of Facebook Pages you liked during that period.

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