How to Google Image Search for exact size photos


Google Image Search online tool can be used for searching different type of photos on the internet. You can use it for advanced images searching like searching image by country or region. It also allows you to search and view photo of specific size. In the new Google Image Search interface, you can use following method for quick photo searching by exact size dimensions.

Search exact size photos using Google Image Search

1. Open website and then use keyword width X height search pattern for finding images of specific size.

2. For example: type microsoft 400X200 in the Google Image Search’s address bar and press the Enter key. It will display images of matching keyword and specified width-height dimensions.

Use Size options on Google Image Search

1. Besides searching for exact size images, you can also use exisiting size options on Google Image Search website. On the image search results page, click on “Search Tools” to view various options.

2. Then click on “Any Size” option and select either of “Large, medium, icon” option. You can also select “Large than: 400X300, 640X480, 800X600, 1024X768, 2MP (1600X1200)” and more options.

Google Image Search offer lot of options for image searching by specific and relative sizes. This for sure makes image searching much more easier task, specially when you are looking for images of specific size.

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