How to add simple or styled tables to Microsoft Word?


Tables represent very good way to show lot of content in an easy to read manner. Tables can be added to Microsoft Word document to show comparative or ranking based date. You can easily add simple as well as styled tables to Microsoft Word.

Insert Tables to Word

1. Open any Microsoft Word Document by File > Open. Alternatively, you can start by creating new Microsoft Word Document by File > New

2. Click on Table menu option, then point to Insert > Table. A new window will open with options to set basic parameters of a table. Enter number of rows and columns and click on OK to add simple table to Word Document.

Add Styled tables

3. After entering number of rows and columns, click on Auto Format button. You will get a new window with different colorful styles of tables. Select any and click on OK.

4. A styled table with specified columns and rows will appear. You can enter required data and save the document.

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