How to find Gmail emails by specific size & dates


Over a period of time lot of email messages accumulate in Gmail inbox. Finding required set of email messages without knowing correct search operator function can make email searching an impossible task. If you plan to delete big size email messages from Gmail, then you can use size and larger search operators to quickly find large emails. You can combine this with date search operator to view large emails within specific time period and dates as explained below.

1. Search Gmail emails larger than specific Size

You can use size or larger search operator in Gmail search box to view email messages larger than specified size. Just use either of search operator combination to find Gmail emails as per requirement.

Use size:1m or larger:1m to view email messages larger than 1MB in size. Similarly, you can use size:5m or larger:5m to see emails larger than 5MB in size.

2. Emails larger & older than specific Size & Date

Use size:5m older_than:1y to find emails larger than 5MB size and older than one year. Use size:5m older_than:1m for emails larger than 5MB size and older than one month. Use size:5m older_than:10d for emails larger than 5MB size and older than 10 days.

3. Email between specific Size & Dates period

Use size:1m after:2012/07/18 before:2012/07/28 to view email message larger than 1MB in size between 18th and 28th of the July (07) month.

Similarly, you can combine various Gmail search operators with Size: or Larger: operator to find emails with specific size corresponding to other conditions. Check full list of Gmail search operators.

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