How to open Command Prompt as admin in Windows 8


Windows 8 has new Metro (also called modern, titled) interface with no start button. As a result, performing basic tasks like opening command prompt window can be done differently and more quickly on Windows 8 computer. Though some of traditional method to open Command Prompt on Windows 7 works in Windows 8 operating system, there are few new ways worth exploring specifically for Windows 8 users.

Quick “Win + X” shortcut method on Windows 8

If you prefer doing things with keyboard shortcuts, then press Win + X keys to open right click menu and thenĀ click on “Command Prompt (admin)” option in that menu to launch Command Prompt window with administrator rights.

You can also open this right click menu with “Command Prompt” option by right clicking atĀ bottom left corner of the screen.

Using touch based “Start Screen” on Windows 8

1. Swipe bottom to up on the Start Screen and than tap on “All Apps“. Alternatively, when using keyboard right click on Start Screen and then click on “All Apps” option. While on Apps screen, scroll towards right for “Windows System“.

2. Press and hold or right click on “Command Prompt” option. Then tap or click “Run as administrator” option displayed at the bottom. Continue with confirmation screen and now Command Prompt with administrator rights is opened on your Windows 8 computer.

Using good old “Run” box to open Command Prompt

The good old method of opening Command Prompt using Run box should also work. Press Win + R keys to open Run box and then type cmd to open Command Prompt window.

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