How to permanently delete email messages in Gmail


Gmail offer reasonable amount of free storage space for storing old email messages. Sometimes you may want delete few email messages containing highly personal or sensitive contents permanently. By default, when you delete an email messages – it does not delete in real sense. That email message simply disappear and does not show in your inbox listing. However, you can view that complete email message by going to “Trash” section in your Gmail account.

Delete email messages from Gmail trash permanently

Gmail does not offer direct method to permanently delete email messages without going to trash folder. So every email message that you delete, goes into the Trash folder. Hence, to delete emails permanently you need to follow two step procedure as explained below.

1. While in Gmail inbox, click to select (check mark) email message that you want to delete. Then click on Delete icon located at the top. This will send that email message from “Inbox” to the “Trash” folder. If that message is already opened, then there is no need to select as you can directly click delete button for transfer to “Trash” folder.

2. Now you need to open “Trash” folder. On the left sidebar in your Gmail inbox, click More button and then click on Trash option. Then click Empty Trash Now button to permanently delete email messages in your Gmail account.

You can also directly open Trash folder using this [] URL or typing in:trash in the search box. As such, Gmail deletes and remove email messages older than 30 days from Trash folder automatically. So, even if you forget to delete specific email from Trash, rest assured as that email message will be deleted automatically after next 30 days from the Trash folder.

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