Delete location data from old tweets on Twitter


Location feature on Twitter allows you to add and display your current geographical location information along with your tweet messages. By default, location feature is disabled for all Twitter accounts. However, if you have enabled this feature for your account – then you can show your followers the location you are tweeting from as part of the tweet. Over period of time, if you decide to remove location data from all your previous tweet – you can do this easily with a single click.

Remove “Location information” from tweets on Twitter

1. Open website and enter your account details to login into your Twitter account. Once logged in successfully, click on icon next to search box at top and then click on Settings option. Alternatively, you can directly open URL.

2. Scroll down on Account page and look for “Tweet location” section. Click on “Delete all location information” button. This will start the process of removing location information from all your old tweet messages. This may take upto 30 minutes to complete removal of location information from old tweets.

Sharing your location information all the time on Twitter can cause real privacy issues. Once you post something with location, it is there for everyone on internet to see. So, it is recommended to turn off this location feature or delete location data (if location feature is enabled) on your account.

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