Remove Map app from Facebook timeline profile favourites


Facebook profile in timeline format has lot of annoyances. Many apps thumbnail photos appear at top right section of the defaukt Facebook profile page. Majority of users do not interact and use lot of listed options like Map apps and may want to remove them. Overall design of timelime makes it even more difficult to remove them directly by clicking a single button. If you want to Map app or any other app listing displayed as thumbnail at top right part of the timelime profile, then checkout following procedure.

Delete Map app from Facebook profile favourites section

1. Once you login into Facebook, click on your profile name at top left to open your Facebook profile page (which ideally should load in new timelime format).

2. Click on button with little down arrow at extreme right. Then hover mouse over Map app thumbnail image to click on Edit button at the top right.

3. Then click on “Remove from favorites’ option to delete Map app from favourites section. Alternatively, you can also swap its position with other elements of this section like events, notes, subscribers, subscriptions and so on.

Similarly, you can cleanup favourites area of your Facebook profile in timeline format by removing elements that does not interest you. This for sure help remove clutter of features that you do not use actively on Facebook for neater looking Facebook profile.

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