Upload online Photos by URL to Facebook


Facebook is great place to upload, share, view and comment on photos. Majority of us are aware of procedure to upload images stored on the computer to the Facebook account. Do you know, you can also upload online images directly to Facebook by typing the image URL. Instead of selecting image stored on computer, enter the correct online URL address of the image for quick uploading.

Add & upload photos by URL to Facebook account

1. Login into your Facebook account. Click Add photo/video button at the top to see expanded options. Now click on upload photo/video button to open box for uploading images to Facebook account.

2. Now click Choose File button under “Select an image or video file on your computer” to see new “Open” dialog box. Here instead of selecting images from computer, directly type / paste the online URL of the image in “File Name’ text box.

3. Then click Open button. In the background, image will be downloaded to temporary internet history folder on your computer and then uploaded to your Facebook account automatically. If you are uploaded large size image, then this may take little longer to complete.

This is more convenient method when you want to share an online photo directly with your Facebook friends. No need to manually download and save that online photo on your computer and then upload it to Facebook account – you can directly upload an online image by entering URL of that image in the upload box. Quick and easy, isn’t it?

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