Disable automatic updates install in Firefox


Mozilla Firefox browser support automatic updates feature: it implies, whenever a new update is available – it will download and install it automatically in the background. While updates install is important for any software program, few users may not like the idea of automatic background updates. Users can easily disable the automatic updates option and enable the manual alert option.

Stop automatic background updates install in Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser, click on Firefox button and goto Options > Options. Now click Advanced tab on the Options dialog box. Here you should see tabs like: General, Network, Update and Encryption.

2. Click on Updates tab to view various options for installing updates in Firefox browser. By default the automatic option is selected “Automatically install updated (recommended: improved security)”.

3. Now select the second option “Check for updates: but let me choose whether to install them”. With this option selected, you will get list of available updates and can manually install them as per requirement.  This is more “in your face” option allowing you to be in control of updates being installed to Firefox browser on your computer.

You can also view which all updates have been install to Firefox in the past by clicking “Show Update History” button. You may also disable automatic updates to Search Engines listing in the Firefox browser.

P.S. Selecting “Never check for updates” option is not recommended at all. Updates are essential for overall security, speed and performance of Firefox browser. You should select either automatic or manual method for installing updates in Firefox.

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