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ADVERTISEMENTS is a¬†fresh and modern version of “Windows Live Hotmail”. Even though new has loads of new features along with new design, few users still prefer good old Hotmail as compared new email. Incase you have created new account for a test drive and now want to close it permanently, then read on for easy procedure to close email account. Please note, when you delete account all associated services including Xbox, messenger and so on will also be deleted.

Deactivate & remove email account

1. Once you login into email account, click on Settings icon at top right and then click on “More mail settings” option. This will open Options webpage.

2. Click “Account details (password, addresses, time zone)” option under “Managing your account” section. You will see password verification page, enter your account password to continue.

3. Now you should see “Account Summary” page. Click on “Close account” option under “Closing your Microsoft account deletes all the data associated with it” at the bottom of this page. Then you may see message “You need to cancel any paid services or Microsoft Points account associated with your Microsoft account”. Click OK to continue.

4. Enter your account password if you get prompt for the same. Then you will see page explaining what will happen when you close your account. Then you will see page asking you to disable associated Hotmail account (if any). Then click Close account button to finally complete this procedure of deactivating and closing Hotmail account.

Even after closing account, Microsoft will reserve your emails for next 270 days. Within those 270 days, you can login and reactivate your account anytime. But after 270 days your account closing procedure is complete and it may become available for other people to use.

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