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Microsoft gave “Windows Live Hotmail” a makeover and launched with all new “metro and modern” style. Spam and un-wanted emails is a constant problem with every email service. In you can control incoming spam messages by blocking specific email IDs. Once you block email IDs, no email from those IDs can reach your inbox – as these are deleted automatically.

Setup ‘Blocked Senders’ list in

1. Login into your account and click on Settings icon at top right. Then click on “More mail Settings” option in the drop down menu.

2. On the Settings page, click “Safe and blocked senders” option under the “Preventing junk email” section. Now you should see “Safe and blocked senders” settings page with options like: Safe senders, Safe mailing lists and Blocked senders.

3. Click “Blocked senders” option to continue to webpage allowing blocking of email IDs. Now type in the text box email address(es) that you want to block and click on “Add to List” button.

Similarly, you can add multiple email IDs from different domains like Gmail, Yahoo and so on to the Blocked Senders list. Further, you can edit this blocked senders list anytime by removing email IDs by clicking “Remove from List” button. Once you setup Blocked Senders list, all incoming emails from such email IDs will be removed automatically and you will not see them in your inbox.

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