How to add border to Image in Photoshop?


Border adds focus to images and allow them standout in crowd. You can add border of different color, size to any image in Photoshop. This will give fresh makeover to your images in few simple clicks.

Open and select image

1. Open any image in Photoshop. Click File > Open and then browse folders  to select image on which you wish to add border.

2. Now select all the open image. Press Ctrl and A keys at the same time to select the image. Alternatively, click on menu option select > all.

3. Goto Select > Modify and then click on ‘border’ option. In the pop-up window, enter the pixel size of border (Higher number = thicker border).

Select color & add border

4. Select the color, click on small color box at the top and chose the required color. Then goto Edit > Fill, a new window will open.

5. Select foreground option and blending mode (optional). Click on OK and you will see colorful border on the image. You can click File > Save As to save modified image with border on your computer.

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