How to create new Outlook email address


Microsoft has launched new avatar of Windows Live Hotmail email service in the form of “”. Now user can create and use web based email service with email addresses. New Outlook email service has neat user interface inspired from metro tiled design of new Windows 8 operating system. You can easily register and create new email ID with desired username before anyone else does.

Register new @Outlook email ID [For new users]

If you are not existing user of @msn, @live or @hotmail email users, then you can create fresh account with your choice of email address. For exisiting users, check the next section of the article.

1. Open website and click Sign Up button at the bottom. You should see email account creation form. Type your basic account details like First name, Last name, Gender and Date of birth.

2. Then type desired username and assign password for the email account as per your choice. Also enter details for account’s password recovery mechanism like your phone number, alternate email address and security question.

3. Select your country / region and enter corresponding zip or postal code. Enter random letters at the bottom and click I accept button to complete sign up. You may get error, if wrong letters are entered before clicking I accept button.

Also, if selected is already registered – error will appear. In this case, you can try different combination of username and complete the email account creation process to get email address.

Change to or add @Outlook email ID [For existing users]

1. Upgrade to – Login into your Live Hotmail account at website. Click on Options button while in the inbox and then click Upgrade to option. You will get new look of metro inspired Outlook email service.

2. Add alias or rename to ID – Now you can rename your existing @msn or @live or @hotmail ID to all new @hotmail ID. Alternatively, you can create Outlook alias – so instead of creating new email account, you are just adding second email ID (like within your existing email account.

– Renaming your email ID is an easy routine. Just open this URL [] and choose your new email ID.

– Adding Outlook alias is another method for using new email ID within existing email account. Click Settings icon at top right and then click “More mail settings“. Then click “Create a Outlook alias” option under “Managing your account” section.

Create new email alias with ID as per requirement. All incoming emails for this ID will appear in a separate folder on left sidebar of your exisiting email account’s inbox.

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