How to add Watermark to photos in Photoshop?


Watermark stands for written text on photos or documents to identify their source and copyright. You can add watermark and show your name or website address on photos / documents you own. This helps protect your photos from illegal copying as your name or website address is written on every photo.

Steps to add Watermark

1. In Photoshop, Click File > Open to open any photo or document stored on your computer. Alternatively, Click File > New if you want to add watermark on blank document.

2. Click on Type Text Tool (as shown in image). Then click the area on the image or document, where you want to add watermark text.

3. You will get bliking cursor, type text like your name or website address. You can also press enter to add multiple line text.

Customize Font properties

4. Click on Text Type Tool (if not already highlighted), then select the written text with mouse (double click to select all the text).

5. Click on color box at the top text bar and select desired color. You can also customize font size, color and placement using text bar under the main menu bar of File, Edit, Image and so on.

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