Add more ‘Step Backward’ undo states in Photoshop


Photoshop is a flexible software for creating complex design graphics. While designing, we use combination of tools that results into huge number of steps. Photoshop keep record of each step you perform allowing you to revert back to any specific step. By default it displays 20 backward steps which you can undo anytime. However, while designing complex detailed graphic you may want to see more ‘Step Backward’ undo steps.

Increase ‘Step Backward’ undo history state in Photoshop

You can easily increase number of backward steps undo history states in Photoshop. If 20 states is not enough, you can bump this number to huge 1000 as per requirement.

1. Launch Photoshop program and goto Edit > Preferences > Performance. This will open Preferences box with Performance tab highlighted. Check for History & Cache section on the right side.

2. Move the slider for History States from 20 any desired level. This will make Photoshop display more ‘Step Backward’ undo steps. Click OK to save changes and there is no need to restart Photoshop to apply this setting change.

However, Photoshop restart is required if you change the number of cache levels, which are used to improve screen draw and histogram speeds. Select more cache levels for better speed and less cache levels for better quality.

Viewing more History backward steps in Photoshop

While above setting change adds more backward undo steps, this can affect overall performance of Photoshop software. Now Photoshop has to keep record of more history steps there by requiring more system resources.

To view full listing of backward steps, click on History button at top right side. You can browse whole history states of current graphic and click to go back to any listed state. You may also use keyboard shortcuts (Shift + Ctrl + Z) to Step Forward and (Alt + Ctrl + Z) to Step Backward.

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