Find expiry date of Windows software


Expiry date indicate when your Windows software with stop working and you need to update or upgrade to newer version of the software. This is common while using evaluation (beta) copy of Windows software. If you have installed test (preview) release of upcoming Windows 8 operating system software, then it should expiry on specific date. After that, you need to install new test version or stable release version of Windows operating system.

Check date on which Windows OS expires

1. While on the desktop screen, press Win + R keys to open Run box. Then type winver in the Run box and press the Enter key to view required details.

2. You should see pop-up box displaying the expiry date of your Windows (8) operating system software. For example, as in the screenshot – Windows 8 expires on Jan 16, 2013.

So, Is Expiry Date important? Yes, only when you are using evaluation or test version of Windows operating system. In many cases no expiry date is displayed as explained below.

Why no Expiry date is being displayed

Expriy date is only important and displayed when using evaluation (beta preview) version of Windows operating system. If you are using retail (purchased) copy of Windows 7 operating system, above command will display box without any expiry date information (as there is no expiry date for stable release of Windows 7 operating system).

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