Make first letter big with Drop Cap in Word document


You may have seen in printed novels, online websites – the first letter of the paragraph is big and large in size as compared to the remaining text (this is called “drop cap”). Besides looking stylish, it helps capture audience attention instantly. You can easily apply drop cap effect to text in any Word document within Microsoft Office Word program.

Apply ‘Drop Cap’ effect to Microsoft Word document

1. Open Word document containing text or create new Word document in Microsoft Office Word program. Now click on Insert Tab and then click on Drop Cap button (next to Word Art button).

2. Select either of: Dropped or In-margin options to add drop cap effect to the document. Dropped effect keeps the big letter within paragraph text by wrapping around it. While in-margin text keep the big letter aligned separately to the left side.

3. To customize the positioning and size of the drop letter, click to open Drop Cap Options box. Here you can change and adjust number of lines to drop and distance from text in the paragraph.

4. You can also use different font style for the big letter of the drop cap effect. In the Drop Cap Options box, select different font style from the drop down box. You can experiment by selecting different font types and then finalizing on font style that fits best for you.

Using Drop Cap effect in Word documents, you can add more style and quick attention to contents of your Word document file. Just few clicks, right?

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