Your Computer might be at risk, how to disable this popup?


“… Your Computer might be at risk”, you must have seen this error message popping now and then near clock area of system tray. This message can appear due to 3 reasons including: firewall disabled, automatic updates disabled and no Anti-Virus software on the computer.

Steps to disable this Pop-up

1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
2. Click on Security Center shield icon.
3. On left side under resources, see last option ‘Change the way security center alerts me’.
4. Uncheck all or few options for: Firewall, Automatic updates, Virus protection and click on OK.

Caution & Warning

Above steps will ensure that you do not see this popup again. Ideally, you should keep all these options enabled / checked. Firewall should be set to enable to prevent any malicious attack. Also, computer should have Virus protection software installed with perfectly updated Windows by enabling Automatic Updates.

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