Change title of Command Prompt window for easy identification


Majority of us like graphic user interface [GUI] of Windows and love to click on different elements to perform required tasks. However, there are select group of user who prefer to use text commands in good old Command Prompt window. By default, C:/ Windows / system 32 / cmd.exe is the title of Command Prompt window. Even when multiple Command Prompt windows are opened, this title remains same causing confusing while working in multiple commands prompt windows environment.

Rename & modify Command Prompt window title text

To over-come this confusion, you can edit to renameĀ and change title of the command prompt window as per requirement. With each Command Prompt window having different title text, there should less confusion and more productive work.

1. Open a command prompt window, goto Start > Run and type cmd in the box. A new Command prompt window should open with default title.

2. Use command title mynewtitle and press the enter key. Now command prompt window will have mynewtitle as the title of the window. Similarly, you can open more command prompt windows and rename title as per requirement.

For example, there can be two different command prompt windows with title First reporting and Second reporting. With different title you can easily track progress in each command prompt window.

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