When did I join Twitter website


Twitter service does not need any introduction. Many of us have account on Twitter and constantly post updates. Ever wondered, which date did you join Twitter website and started your micro-blogging journey. You can easily find date on which you created and registered the Twitter account. Here are few handy online tools to get your Twitter debut details.

1. I joined Twitter how many days ago

When did you join twitter is a simple online tool hosted using appspot service that quickly display your Twitter join date. Just enter your Twitter username like Techf5 and press the Enter key to get date details.

Besides the Twitter account registering details, it also shows exact date count like “I joined twitter 1061 days ago”. You can click through date results to tweet about Twitter join date details to your Twitter friends.

2. Get your Twitter birthday certificate

Twbirthday online tool provide another fancy way to know and share your Twitter join date details. Once you enter your Twitter username, you should see your customized Twitter birth certificate.

It also shows your Twitter godfather and age index. It display details in various formatsĀ  like: 25,465 hours, 1,061 days, 35 months and 2.9 years at the bottom and of course you can tweet all this with a click of a button.

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