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Google has its own internal system (algorithm) to rank websites for various keywords on search result pages. As a use you cannot control or change that order of websites ranking. However, you can disable and remove results appearing from specific website or domain on Google Search result pages. Google provide feature that allows you to selectively disable and hide webpages from domains that you may not like or find useless.

Manage Blocked Sites for Google Search results

1. To get started, open Manage Blocked Sites [ ] webpage. Login into your Gmail or Google account (if not already logged in). Here you can specific list of domains or website that you wish to disable, block or hide from Google Search result pages.

2. Enter URL of website that you want to block and you may also specific reason for blocking that domain on Google Search (optional). Similarly, you can add multiple websites (or domains) to the block list with maximum limit set at 500.

Websites mentioned in ‘Blocked Sites’ list will only hide and disable, when you use Google Search logged into your Google account. Sites will be blocked only for you but Google may use everyone’s blocking information to improve the ranking of search results overall.

Personal Blocklist: Google Chrome extension

If you use Google Chrome browser to surf internet, then you can install Personal Blocklist extension to easily block specific websites on Google Search results pages. This extension has been developed by Google for users to easily manage blocked websites list. It allows you to import a list of patterns, plain text pattern list for export and block host of currently active tab.

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