Capture screenshots on Windows 8 automatically [shortcut]


Print Screen key comes very handy for capturing screenshot of current desktop view on Windows computer. Ideally, once you capture screenshot it is saved to the clipboard and then you can paste it in program like Paint to finally save the captured screenshot image as file. Windows 8 has new keyboard shortcut that eliminates the need to manually save captured screenshot. It allows you to capture and automatically save captured image with a single keyboard hotkey.

Use ‘Win + Print Screen’ for automatic capture & save

1. While on desktop view that you want to capture, press Win and Print Screen keys at the same time. You will notice small flash effect indicating the screenshot has been captured.

2. Now open Pictures folder under Libraries, your captured screenshot(s) will be present there. All captured screenshots are saved in PNG image format automatically when ‘Win + Print Screen’ hotkey is used. Images files are saved with: screenshot(1), screenshot(2) and so on file names.

If you do not want automatic saving of captured screenshot, you can simply use standalone Print Screen hotkey to send captured screenshot to the clipboard. Also, checkout more interesting new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 operating system.

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  1. on previous versions of print screen such as in XP you could frame the part of the screen you wanted to capture with WIN 8 I can not. This is a BIG step backwards

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