New Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts


Besides introducing new features, Windows 8 operating system also has new keyboard shortcut hotkeys to use these features. With support for apps from Windows Store, there are number of shortcuts to use apps based functionalities. There are dedicated keyboard shortcuts to use charms bar, narrator program, toggling metro user interface, search pane, navigating apps, viewing notifications, peek at desktop, starting IME editor and much more. Checkout following listing of keyboard shortcut for using Windows 8 operating system more efficiently through quick hotkeys.

Listing of Keyboard hotkeys for new Windows 8 OS

Shortcut HotKeys


WindowsToggles between Metro Start Screen & Desktop
Windows + SpaceSwitch input language &  keyboard layout
Windows + EnterLaunch Narrator program
Windows + Print ScreenCaptures Screenshot of the screen & saves in Pictures folder
Window + PgUpMove Start Screen or Metro style app to the monitor on the left
Windows + PgDownMove Start Screen or Metro style app to the monitor on the right
Windows + COpen the Charms bar
Windows + FOpen the File Search app
Windows + HOpen the Share charm
Windows + IOpen the Settings charm
Windows + JSwap foreground between snapped and filled apps
Windows + KOpen the Connect charm (devices)
Windows + OLock device orientation
Windows + QOpen the Search pane
Windows + VCycle through Notification toasts
Windows + WOpen the Settings Search app
Windows + XBring the quick launch menu
Windows + ZOpen the App Bar
Windows + /Initiate input method editor (IME) reconversion
Windows + Shift + .Move the gutter to the left (snap an application)
Windows + .Move the gutter to the right (snap an application)
Windows + ,Temporarily peek at desktop
Windows + TabCycle through apps
Windows + Shift + TabCycle through apps in reverse order
Windows+ Shift + VCycle through Notification toasts in reverse order
Windows + Ctrl + TabCycle through apps and snap them as they cycle

If you know any other keyboard shortcut for Windows 8 that is not present in the list above, share with us by adding a comment below.

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